Gjutars | Judit Flóra Schuller | Memory Theatre | 25.-26.5.2018

Toukokuun residenssivieras on Judit Schuller Unkarista! Hänen näyttelynsä Memory Theatre on esillä Gjutarsissa lauantaina 26.5. klo 12-17 ja sunnuntaina sopimuksesta. Avajaiset ovat perjantaina 25.5. klo 18-21. Lämpimästi tervetuloa!

The residence guest of Artist House Gjutars in May is Judit Schuller from Hungary! Come visit her exhibition Memory Theatre in Gjutars on 26th 12pm-5pm and on 27th by contacting the artist. The opening is on Friday 25th 6-9 pm. Welcome all!

Memory Theatre

The starting point of the exhibition is the artist’s family archive and the descendants’ relationship toward this rich material. The artistic research project Memory Theatre examines how the artist – as the representative of the third generation – can deal with this topic and what kind of personal approaches she can formulate toward the archival heritage. Judit Flóra Schuller deals with the mechanisms of memory and forgetting, the notions of loss and solitude. Through the artistic analyzation and interpretation of her family heritage the artist creates space for a possible dialogue between generations.

Through this process, as the artist claims, both parties are going through some kind of transformation: the archive itself is reducing and moving towards a systematic order, while the artist is stepping in the phase of oblivion as she slowly abandons the process of cultivating memory. The other keyword of the exhibition is the notion of absence: this is what explains the collecting attitude of the family that had become even more stronger and conscious due to the effects of the holocaust in the family. What motivates the artist is the unreachable process of completing the void of absence, as she continues the research about her own genealogy and trying to get a closure in the process of bereavement.

The exhibition unravels fragmented micro narratives through the story of the family archive which the artist inherited from her grandfather, Imre Schuller. Through the act of repetition, appropriation and performative reflections, the artist outlines different patterns in dealing with the heritage of the past. Similarly, the act of remembering and forgetting, Memory Theatre cannot exist as an accomplished entity. It is always in transition, an open conversation between time parallels, layers of history and generations.

Text by Flóra Gadó.

Judit Flora Schuller is a Hungarian photographer and visual artist. She obtained her Bachelor diploma in Photography from Budapest Metropolitan University in 2014 and currently she is enrolled in the Photography Master programme at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. Her main interest focuses on the connection between the mechanism of remembrance and its representatives, such as photographs, memorabilia or sites of memory. She often uses her own family heritage to approach and analyse the boundaries between private and collective memory. In her other artistic projects, she engages with the problem of photography as a medium, mainly focusing on the effect of light and its interaction with photosensitive materials.

Judit Flóra Schuller is a member of the Studio of Young Photographers and the Studio of Young Artists’ Association, Hungary. She was nominated for the ESSL Art Award in 2015. Her works have been exhibited throughout Hungary, Slovakia, Russia, Estonia and Helsinki. She lives and works in Helsinki and Budapest.

Vantaa Artists Association has an artist-in-residence program for six months of the year at the Artist House Gjutars. In 2018, seven of our members get the opportunity to go to a residency abroad in Budapest, Salzburg, Reykjavik, Tartu and Örnsköldvik. In exchange six artists come from May to October to Vantaa, Finland from our partner artists associations.

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