Gjutars | Liisa Mudist | Öö/Yö | Perjantai 28.9. Klo 12-19

Vantaan taiteilijaseuran residenssivaihdon syyskuun taiteilija on Liisa Mudist Virosta! Hänen näyttelynsä Öö/Yö on auki perjantaina 28.9. klo 12-19 Taiteilijatalo Gjutarsissa. Teretulemast!


The exhibition ”Öö/Yö” presents recent paintings done in the Vantaa Artist Residence by an Estonian artist Liisa Mudist.

”The night arrives after the evening ends. The evening takes place after the end of the day. The day starts when the morning ends and the morning starts when the night ends. The night blurs our vision, the shadow of a woman and her dog looks like a flamingo, you might see something that looks like a bird but suddenly it disappears and there is not enough light to be sure. Finally, the morning arrives with fog.”

The exhibition is open on the 28th of September 12:00-19:00.

Vantaa Artists Association has an artist-in-residence program for six months of the year at the Artist House Gjutars. In 2018, seven of our members get the opportunity to go to a residency abroad in Budapest, Salzburg, Reykjavik, Tartu and Örnsköldvik. In exchange, six artists come from May to October to Vantaa, Finland from our partner artists associations.


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