Borgarbókasafnið Grófinni | Jan Heinonen | Do I Miss Iceland | 8.-30.11.2019

Jan Heinosen näyttely Do I Miss Iceland Reykjavikin kaupunginkirjastossa.

Welcome to the photography exhibition by Jan Heinonen, accompanied by poems by Tapio Koivukari at Poetry Square (Ljóðatorg) in Reykjavik City Library in Grófin at 5th floor.

The opening is on the 8th of November at 4pm, welcome. The exhibition will be ongoing until the 30th of November.

"I came to work in Iceland for the first time in 2012 and fell in love with the country - it felt as if I had come to my second home! I was most impressed by the wind, the water and the emptiness of the space. A few years later, at one event I accidentally met writer Tapio Koivukari and I heard that he had lived in Iceland for several years.

Pretty quick after the meeting I decided to suggest to Tapio if he would be interested in arranging his poems for my work. Tapio was interested in the idea, as a result, we developed the idea further and this exhibition is the result of our collaboration."

Over the years, my work tries to address the question: What is the relationship between human being and nature? Therefore, I am interested in dialogues and conversations between society and nature.

Jan Heinonen is a visual artist from Vantaa, Finland. He is finishing his degree Master of Administrative Sciences on the University of Tampere. Also, he has studied art history at the University of Helsinki and art studies at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

Tapio Koivukari, born on 20th of August 1959 in Rauma, is a Finnish writer and translator. He is a Master of Theology and lived in Iceland from 1989 to 1993. Tapio Koivukari has published novels, short stories, auditions, and has also translated works by Icelandic writers into Finnish. From 1993 to 2000, he served as a religious teacher at Aronahte Elementary School in Rauma.

Koivukari's main work is an archipelago trilogy, with parts of the Land of the Wind, Where the Waves Break, and the Sumu Log Book.

Jan Heinonen, Morning at Sea, 2019

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