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I think that one of the goals of my "Hungary With Love" project is to bring out a discussion about society's values, which represent important and close things to us, human rights and the freedom to live freely in an equal society.

The exhibition's artwork is based on two longer working periods in the Budapest residency and two shorter work trips elsewhere in Hungary.

While working in Budapest, I often walked to the book cafe next to the artists' residence, and while drinking coffee and browsing through books there, I became interested in Hungarian literature. Moreover later I found the texts of the writer Andras Suto, which made a really big impression on me and served as a kind of causality for my exhibition.

The Sun goes cold, the Earth dries out, The sky is empty without you, And I am no one if you are not with me.” Andras Suto.




In the ongoing project Light Observation, I deal with the relation and interactions between different light sources, analogue photographic processes and visual perception by observing and capturing real and artificial phenomena of light. The work Towards Nothingness is part of a larger series (Memory Theatre) and it continues the contemplative observations while it also deals with the topic of inherited remembrance and family heritage.

In the series Sky Observations, I created polaroid photograms by the use of colorful transparent paper and light. The images imitate and resemble to real life natural phenomena, such as the northern light or an ordinary blue scenery of an afternoon sky. The act of naming the images with real dates and locations is an attempt to fortify their originality and landscape-like feature.

Towards Nothingness (Walks) represents the symbolic act of obsessive walking. When I was living in Helsinki between 2015-2017 I used to take long walks that often led me to the seaside. I repeated the same route over and over, usually at the time of sunset. The act continues every time I return to the city. The photograph is the visual representation and abstraction of those 131 walks I pursued over the past years. This contemplative and repetitive act had also become helpful in the process of dealing with the inherited family archive and my family’s history: it has allowed me to approach oblivion instead of being stuck in the loop of burdensome memories. The photograph is accompanied with a silver plate that resembles to the photograph of the seascape. It is made of silver cutlery that was part of the family heritage and had been kept and preserved by several generations. To reflect on the light sensitive aspect of photographic materials, I changed the color of the lower part of the ‘image’ by chemical intervention. It is an attempt to both reflect on the medium of photography and to the burden and value of the inherited objects.

Näyttelyn avajaiset torstaina 11.8 klo 17-19. Tervetuloa!  The opening is on Thursday 11.8. from 5 to 7 p.m. Welcome!

Näyttely on avoinna / The exhibition is open:
ke klo 12-18 / on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 18:00
to-pe klo 11-17 / from Thursday to Friday from 11:00 to 17:00
la-su klo 12-16 /from Saturday to Sunday from 12.00 to 16:00


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