Configuring Entities on Galleria Gjutarsin residenssitaiteilijan Daniella Grinbergin taidenäyttely.


This pop-up exhibition is a [meditative] reflection on the artistic
process of containing, holding in, researching, weaving and birthing
ideas in solitude. It is like fermentation – a metabolic process. The
artist acting as a vessel, containing experiences, thoughts and ideas,
composing from threads of connections as spiders do. It is a quest
descriptive of patience and persistence, in search for new spiritual

In my video work, titled The Solitude of Fermenting shows a harvesting
of a microbial mat. The 80
x 100 cm biofilm is grown, over a period of two weeks, from a
symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The audio work is a
sonification of an

image of decomposing fungi. The photographs are emotional landscapes
made in various places: Turku Archipelago, Budapest, Hungary and
the Baltic Sea. The mesh is painted with hand- collected clay from a
nearby river and processed at the residency studio, inspired by
leftover organic materials [traces] of previous residents.

The exhibition is conceived as an assembly of works made during the
past three years. They reflect my interest of the material and
relational aspect of the photographic image, ranging from "organic" to
"artificial" aspects of the medium. If the apparatus is a complex
system of technical devices, cultural conventions, and social
structures that shape human existence, communication, and culture. How
does the apparatus then mediate interactions between humans and
nonhuman entities?

Daniella Grinberg (1998) lives and works in Budapest. She completed
and completing her MA studies in Helsinki at Aalto University School
of Arts, at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, and
at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her work has been
exhibited in Groningen and Heerenveen as part of the Noorderlicht
International Photo Festival in the Netherlands, Dipoli gallery in
Helsinki, the Austrian Cultural Forum and K11 Labor Gallery in
Budapest, among others. She is a member of FKSE Studio of Young
Artists' Association.

Daniella's residency was made possible by a collaboration between
Budapest Gallery and Vantaa Artist Association.


Avajaiset / Opening
Perjantaina 28.7.2023 klo 17-19
Lämpimästi tervetuloa!

Näyttely avoinna perjantaina 28.7 klo 11-17 ja lauantaina ja sunnuntaina poikkeuksellisesti klo 12-14. Viikonloppuna myös mahdollista tavata itse taiteilija Daniella Grinberg.

Taiteilijatalo & Galleria Gjutars
Vanha Kuninkaalantie 6
01300 Vantaa

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